Frequently Asked Questions

1.    Can I do the Award if I am below the age of 14 or above 25?

The Award is available to Young people between the ages of 14 and 25 years old. If a participant is unable to complete the award before their 25th birthday, because of illness, accident, or other unavoidable circumstances The President's Award may grant an extension of time.

2.    Can I do all the Award Levels concurrently?

No. A participant has  complete one level of the Award before embarking on another and cannot take more than one Award level at the same time.

3.    How does the minimum time requirement apply?

The minimum time requirement applies such that the sections of any level are undertaken concurrently by the participant so that at the end of the stipulated time requirement the participant will have completed all the sections namely: - Service, Skills and Physical Recreation for the level they have been undertaking. I.e. 6 months for Bronze, 6 months for Silver and 12 months for Gold.

4.   Is it a must that I start the Award at the Bronze level?

Subject to the minimum age requirement for each level, any young person can participate in the Award at level.

5.    Is there a maximum time limit for an Award?

There is no maximum time limit for the Award provided all activities are completed by the time the participants reach the age of 25 years old. The participant should be encouraged to work towards their Award at whatever pace suits them.

6.    What do I need to do if I lose my record book?

The President's Award can replace lost record books. A participant needing to have their record book replaced has to produce duly filled Award planners with details of when they started on their Award and how far they have gone with all the sections.

7.    How can I become an assessor?

Participants are encouraged to remain involved with the Award even after completing the Award. Please be in touch with the P.A-K Secretariat to find out what volunteering opportunities are available. You are also encouraged to apply for membership on the Award Holders Alumni. Membership Registration form is available on the download section.

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