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This project is currently running in 10 Correctional institutions across the Country with an objective of rehabilitating young offenders and helping them to re-integrate into the society and reducing recidivism.

These institutions are divided into three categories namely:-

a)      7 Rehabilitation schools
b)      1 main Prison
c)      2 Borstal institutions


a)      Build self confidence in the young offenders
b)      Enhance their existing skills and knowledge and learn new ones
c)      To help them earn the trust of the wider community, helping to rehabilitate and reintegrate
d)      Help Improve relationships with other young offenders and staff
e)      Learn life skills-persistence, team work, communication and problem solving.


Project Mrembo (mrembo means 'beautiful girl'), is an initiative that reaches out to girls in less visible and privileged parts of  Kenya through the Award Programme, empowering participants and their communities, increasing their sense of civic responsibility, and reducing incidences of early pregnancy, early marriages, and HIV and AIDS.

Apart from the direct benefits they get out of participation in activities of their choice, their participation in the Award Programme will help uplift their standard of living through improved self esteem, improved self confidence, negotiation skills and performance in class. High self esteem also improves their assertiveness in the way they relate  and interact with their peers.

In doing so,this Project will address a number of Millennium Development Goals, particularly Goal 3: 'Promote gender equality and empower women',  to prioritize the education of young people, in particular young women, to increase the proportion of the population that is economically active and contributing to national development'.

Project Mrembo, also running in Uganda and Tanzania, is supported by the Dulverton Trust,the Sylvia Adams Charitable Trust and the Rowan Charitable Trust. It is overseen by the IAF's Africa regional office.

Challenging Young People Everywhere

The Presidentís Award-Kenya exists to develop and deliver quality experiential activities that impart positive life skills and ethical values to young people for a better society.
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